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How To Become a Visionary

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How To Become a Visionary

Think of all the great visionaries who have changed the way we think about the world around us—great scientists like Albert Einstein who reformulated an entirely new way to think about physics, innovators like Elon Musk who rekindled the world’s fascination with space travel, or great political leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. who have led entirely new movements to change society.

 At their core, each of these visionaries had a dream about the way the world could be, not as it was. They all had a big “Why”—a very good reason for following their vision, or taking massive action. In some cases, it meant helping family members in need; in other cases, it meant opening up opportunities for all of society.

 And, just as importantly, these innovators believed in their own vision, despite all the skeptics around them. They trusted in their vision so strongly that no one could stop them, even during the times when it seemed like it was them vs. the world.

 And now psychologists and other scientists are helping to unlock what it takes to be a visionary, and the traits that visionaries have in common. As a result, they are creating new methods, new tools and new frameworks for helping anyone to become a visionary.

 The starting point is developing a strong vision of the future. Whatever field, industry or niche you are in, you need to be able to re-imagine the future. Often, it requires taking the perspective of an outsider in order to understand what really needs to change.

 There are many practical approaches that can help. For example, you could create a vision board, where you literally create a picture of what that future looks like. Many corporations, in fact, now integrate aspects of this vision board approach in their brainstorming sessions. Humans are uniquely visual learners, and being able to see a depiction of the future is often the first step in its implementation.

 You could even use some other physical manifestation of your vision, as a constant reminder of what you are trying to accomplish. Simply looking at that object every morning or every day can be the motivational stimulus to help you follow through on the vision. It is the reason why Luxiani created the Visionary watch—it is an iconic symbol of the futuristic, imaginative and optimistic mindset. Wearing it, you will be reminded of your visionary status.

 Another popular approach for becoming a visionary is making an affirmation every night before going to bed. This helps to prepare the subconscious mind to act on this vision even while you’re sleeping. You are literally programming yourself for success the next day.

 And, just like every other visionary who has come before you, you must be able to counter the objections of your skeptics and naysayers. For all the people who question “Why?” you need to be able to counter “Why not?”

 The final step to becoming a visionary is taking action. Each small step that you take will build your confidence, and help to hone your vision of the future. Realize that success is not always linear—there will be setbacks along the way. But let each setback make you stronger and more confident. When you are wearing the Luxiani Visionary watch, you will be joining the ranks of other visionaries who have not only imagined the future—they have helped to create that future.

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