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Introducing the New Luxury Watch for True Visionaries

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Introducing the New Luxury Watch for True Visionaries
Introducing the New Luxury Watch for True Visionaries

Every generation has its true visionaries—the men and women who are able to see past the realities of today and imagine the future of tomorrow. Some of the greatest visionaries in history include Marie Curie, Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and Elon Musk. All of them have in common a sense of imagination and boundless optimism about what the future holds.

 And now there is a watch—the Visionary Watch from Luxiani’s Virtues Collection—which represents everything that is special about history’s true visionaries and innovators. This beautiful new watch for men and women is made of polished gold and stainless steel, and comes with a brown leather strap. It is a watch that is made with true artisanal craftsmanship that hearkens back to the era of  greatest innovators.

 Thomas Edison was generally considered to be the greatest inventor in the history of the modern world. During his lifetime, he registered over 1,000 patents. And many of his inventions—including the electric light bulb, the modern phonograph and the motion picture camera—helped to usher in the greatest achievements of the 20th century. His legacy is still so strong today that we typically use the iconic image of a single light bulb to represent the sudden spark of creativity that is so strong within us all.

 And who can forget Orville and Wilbur Wright, who brought forward their vision for flight on the windy hills of North Carolina more than 100 years ago? The Wright Brothers began as avid cyclists, and it was this passion that led them to unlock the secrets of airborne flight. That curiosity, that passion, and that boundless energy to push forward humanity is what distinguishes them as two of the greatest innovators in history.

 Throughout history, there have been brave female visionaries who have had the courage to imagine the unimaginable by peering into the unseen realms of the world. Marie Curie, for example, won two Nobel Prizes for her pioneering work in both physics and chemistry. She not only discovered two entirely new elements – radium and polonium – she also found ways to use those discoveries to benefit humanity. Everyday medical innovations that many of us take for granted, such as hospital X-ray machines and the treatment of cancer with radiation, are the result of Curie’s groundbreaking work on radioactivity

 The new Visionary Watch pays tribute to these great innovators. The materials made to construct it are timeless, eternal and classic. You can almost imagine the same type of craftsmen working today on these watches as the craftsmen who worked generations ago. Pride, optimism and imagination goes into each and every watch.


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