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Why We Became Entrepreneurs & Built Luxiani

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Why Became Entrepreneurs
Why Became Entrepreneurs

In our world today, the word “entrepreneur” is linked with owning a company and being self employed. While this isn’t entirely false, an entrepreneur does more than just work for himself, an entrepreneur works for people by helping solve their problems for profit.

To answer the question “why did we start LUXIANI Watches” the answer is simple. Mitesh and I “Sanjay” wanted to solve a problem that was much bigger then just selling a watch to make profit. We asked ourselves “would we rather solve a problem for a few or more people?” Solving a problem for few people would have entailed selling watches at a cheaper price, so customers could afford watches but to us it was much more important to solve more and bigger problems. We wanted to solve a massive number of peoples’ problems, that way reaching not just thousands, but millions of people.

We have always had one mission which is to feed thousands and millions of hungry children in poverty. We didn’t want to play small and just provide great watches, we wanted to make a difference and give these children hope. We wanted to have a unique purpose for why we started this and why it will always keep us going and striving to do better.

 The idea of the watch came up as these children had limited time and so we thought why not start a watch brand which represents us all, as the only thing we all have in common is time. We all have 24 hours in day.

A Luxiani watch is made from superior materials such as sapphire crystals, 316L Stainless Steel, and a genuine leather strap. Our goal was to create a “look good, feel good, everyday” luxury. Will you help us make a difference and save those who need us desperately? You can simply do this by purchasing a LUXIANI watch today! Let us achieve this mission together!

You can read Our Story here.

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