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What We Stand For

Mission:  As caring founders, our mission is to make a difference to every person that comes into touch with the Luxiani brand. This can be through our products or content.  Our overall goal is to reduce world hunger. 

Vision:   Luxiani challenge is to feed 50 million meals by 2030, which will assist in reducing world hunger.  


The communities in many developing and even developed countries around the world don’t receive basic necessities, especially the children. We believe they deserve food on the table, three times a day just like we received food on our table from our parents through out our childhood. We want to build food banks and give food to many people who need the basics to survive, especially the children.

Hungry Children


Clean Water:

Clean Water is essential to life. Water is the world's most basic and most precious resource essential to life. Yet, more than a billion people don't have access to clean water. There are millions of people who die around the world from not having access to clean water.  UNICEF said that a lack of access to clean water causes waterborne illnesses that kill more than 1.6 million young children each year. It’s said that once a child is born, they can’t go without water for longer than 72 to hours. In many areas throughout the world, people struggle to gain access to clean water on daily basis.  The water which is accessible to them is not fit for human consumption but with no choice they still drink it, which contributes to one child dying every 90 seconds from a water related disease. We all have a heart to care for these children, so we would like to provide them with clean water daily. 


According to Care, children from the poorest households are three times more likely to be out of school than children from the richest households. Worldwide there are more than 260 million children of primary school age who can't afford education material or pay fees to attend school.


Giving an opportunity for Children Education in India