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Time is our Symbol

Our Timepieces are a Symbol that Time is Limited.

Have you come across someone needing help with basic needs and you were helpless? We believe that you can have all the money in the world but that may not make some of you happy. With this money you could buy all the materialistic things from cars to the latest gadgets to the most expensive designer clothing. You may have all these things in your life but one thing we all have in common is time. Time is a commodity and that is one thing we all can’t buy.  We wanted to remind people that we only have one life and that through out that life we are given year’s, month, weeks and days, during those day’s it is up to us what we do with our time. Some of us were very fortunate to be born in family without poverty and things were given to us at ease by our parents and there are some who were unfortunate who were born in a family with parent’s who couldn’t afford the basic needs. This watch is a reminder and a symbol that time is limited, and we have a choice to help the unfortunate. This is what Tony Robbins has had to say about life “be part of something that is bigger than yourself, to truly feed your spirit, remember this, The secret to living is giving. No matter how busy or broke you may be, you have something to offer others. So many people miss the opportunity to know that their life makes a difference – but it does”. This quote really related to us as a brand.

 At Luxiani our goal is to use our time wisely in helping the people in need. We believe at Luxiani, that time is the most previous gift to all of us, it is what we all should value the most. Therefore, at Luxiani we have decided to use our time creating this brand to help the people in need through a business concept. We have created these timepieces as a symbol that time is limited, and many people are helpless due to not having a hero who can make a difference in their life. I am sure we all have had hero’s in our life, but these children need us more than ever to be their hero’s during a tough time. Time is running out for these vulnerable people. Let’s make a change today, together.