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Understanding The Difference Between Sapphire and Mineral.

Posted by Luxiani LTD on

Understanding The Difference Between Sapphire and Mineral.


We see the importance of quality as a watchword, hence, our decision to uphold quality and nothing less in the use of Sapphire crystal glass for our watches over the less expensive and lesser quality mineral glass.

The surface cover of a watch which appears crystal clear, because it is actually made of crystal, which is the product of a variety of materials. These materials include: Sapphire crystals, Mineral crystals and Plexiglas or Hesalite crystals (also referred to as plastic and acrylic crystals respectively)

The choice of crystal used to cover a watch depends on its purpose. What conditions is it going to be used in, is it rugged or smooth? How much is it going to be sold? Whatever the answer is, the type of crystal used will determine the price of the watch. For example, when a Sapphire crystal is used to cover a watch, it would be more expensive than one with a Plexiglas cover.


What We Use

  • Sapphire Crystal: Sapphire crystals are reliable materials used in watches and this is for a potent reason. Despite Sapphire crystal watches being expensive, they are also durable and have slim chances of scratching or shattering.
  • Mineral Crystal: This crystal is the regular glass crystal which undergo treatment with either heat or chemicals, to make them scratch proof. These crystals are inferior, when compared to Sapphire crystals, in term of scratch resistance, but they are better than plastic. The only major disadvantage of this crystal is its likelihood to crack or shatter, at worst, when exposed to extreme temperatures, be it heat or cold.


Sapphire vs Mineral

Although machines exist which can measure the density, luminosity, hardness, and the index of refraction of the crystal of your watch, there are still things to note when comparing a sapphire crystal and a mineral crystal.

  1. The appearance of sapphire crystals are slightly tinted pink or milk color, while that of mineral crystals are usually blue
  2. Droplets of water on a sapphire crystal often attract to form a bead while the same droplets of water on a mineral crystal spread in different directions.
  3. Sapphire crystals are cold and icy in appearance, while mineral crystals are not.

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