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Our Story

 Our Story

Travelling around India and many developing countries can be an eye-opener. I remember during our trip to India and seeing a young boy with long matted hair and torn dusty clothes on the streets. He had no shoes on his feet and a runny nose. He approached me begging for food saying he hadn’t had anything to eat in days. Observing how malnourished he looked, I knew he wasn’t lying.


Children Hungry

Out of sympathy, I decided to buy him something to eat instead of giving him money. It wasn’t too long before I noticed that about 15 other children that looked just as malnourished as he did, had appeared out of nowhere. Needless to say, I had to look for a way to provide a meal for all of them as I couldn’t leave any of them hungry.

Years have passed but that picture and memory never leaves my mind’s eye. For those who feel child poverty doesn’t exist, I would like to tell them that it really does. I keep wondering to myself, what would happen to these vulnerable and hungry children if no one intervenes.

After experiencing and witnessing child poverty, it saddens me to think about how big a challenge it is and the thought that if no-one steps in soon, millions of children would lose their lives in no time.

After some research, we discovered some shocking statistics on child poverty. Over 65 million children go to school hungry across developing countries.  To solve this problem we will need 3.2 billion dollars. This amount is needed to cater to the needs of these children yearly.

Approximately 1 out of 9 people cannot afford enough food to live a healthy and active life. Malnourishment is responsible for half of deaths amongst children under the age of five years. These and other statistics made us realize the urgency of the situation at hand.

Why buy a Luxiani product? It’s simple. The Luxiani goal is to feed 30 thousand meals in three years to children in poverty and we need your help to achieve it. Every watch that is sold at Luxiani, we will donate 10 meals to children in need. With your help we can truly make a difference and this can only be possible if we all work together towards it.

This is just not our story but this will be the Luxiani story. As a family, the Luxiani team will contribute in any way we can to make a difference in child poverty both in New Zealand and around the world. 

Will you join us?

Our Progress 

2000 Meals to Lower Decile Primary School in Wellington, New Zealand. 


Express yourself with a Luxiani watch.

What does it mean for a timepiece to be immaculate? Could it be a mixture of elegance, style, durability, and dependability? Or is it a blend of all of these, and so much more?

At Luxiani, we understand that an immaculate timepiece is a blend of all of the above, and does more than simply tell the time of day, or day of the week; it tells a story.

Here’s ours.  

How Luxiani Came Into Existence

Luxiani was born out of the dreams and aspirations of two brothers: Mitesh and Sanjay. Indians by birth, these two young men left for New Zealand in the year 2000. Neither of them knew what their lives would be like, all they knew at that time was that they wanted to make an impact on their lives, and on the lives of others. 

Luxiani Founders

The years that followed were quite uneventful, mostly filled with the need to find both their path and their feet as they worked and schooled, not only to survive, but help their striving parents too.

Fast-forward to several years later, Mitesh had finished his Bachelor of Commerce while Sanjay had dropped out of the University in his second year in the belief and hope that he would be able to make an impact some other way. Being in and out of a number of jobs to support their struggling parents, Mitesh and Sanjay knew that if anything was missing in their lives, it was fulfillment.

The duo decided to take a step back and observe the lives of successful and seemingly fulfilled people around them. What were they doing differently? What made them so fulfilled? Hundreds of unanswered questions motivated and inspired them to start digging deeper. They began reading books and watching many videos. From their research, they noticed that what many successful people had in common was that they had found a way to give back to their community. As a result of that we believe that Entrepreneurship is much than making a profit for yourself. Mitesh and Sanjay knew they had to find a way to ensure that they did this too.

One seemingly normal day, after a hard and fruitless day’s work, it dawned on the duo that perhaps it was time for them to start up something of their own. All it took for them to make that decision and follow it through were two questions “What if we finally decided to become the entrepreneurs we have always wanted to be?” “What if we succeeded?”

One thing the two had always loved was watches— and not just any kind of watches, but immaculate watches. To them, there would be no greater honor than to spend the rest of their lives providing people with such watches. And that was it—the birth of Luxiani. 

Today ...

Luxiani represents so much more than a regular brand; it’s a story—our success story. The Luxiani brand represents luxury watches of uncompromising quality at revolutionary prices. We truly believe that we provide people with the immaculate timepiece, the kind that is elegant, stylish, durable, dependable, tells our story, and hopefully tells yours too.

Thus, every purchase of a Luxiani watch is about more than just expressing yourself, it is an opportunity to become a part of a beautiful story.

The Luxiani team has provided the immaculate timepiece—just for you. Enjoy it for a lifetime. The timepiece is a reminder that you have made a difference in people lives.