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We created Luxiani as two brothers who want to change the world with the limited time that we have on this planet.


We have decided to do something about the millions of children that are losing their lives to child poverty and world hunger every year.


We have so much empathy for the people who are going through these tough times and want to spread awareness and provide kindness to every person in this situation. So we created our own charity: FEED10.


With Luxiani, you will be making a direct impact to improve people's lives when buying our watches, you will feed 10 people living in poverty.


We know that we are making a positive change, by providing what is needed directly to those who need it. All the proceeds made from each watch sold will go directly into our FEED Ten program.  Our focus is to create a business concept that will drive a positive change in the world at large.


Buy Luxiani, save others.


Purchase a watch that makes a difference