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8 Tips on Caring for Your Watch

Posted by Luxiani LTD on

Caring for your watch
Caring for your watch

The importance of caring for your watch cannot be overemphasised as far as we are concerned. Often worn and purchased for sentimental reasons, a great watch tells a story and deserves to be looked after. We’ve put together a collection of eight of our best tips to help you care for your watch and keep it in prime condition.

Caring for Your Watch Made Easy 

Regardless of how much your watch cost to buy, you like it and find it useful. You want to ensure it remains in the best condition possible and prolong its lifespan. As owners of the luxury watch brand Luxiani, we’re passionate not only about providing you with the best watches, but also caring for them too. Here are our top eight tips on watch care:

  1. Read your watch manual first – it is here that you will see clear instructions on how to care for your watch. The dos and don’ts are important to follow, as not doing so can void any warranty it may come with.
  1. Clean your watch often – like everything, a watch can get dirty. If dust and dirt manage to get inside the watch case, they can cause serious damage. Wipe gently with a soft cloth to remove any dirt from both the strap and the watch case itself. Watches with leather straps can produce an odour over time. Check with the watch manufacturer first, but it may be possible to use a small amount of warm water and soap to clean the strap once it has been removed from the watch case.
  1. Avoid getting it wet – unless your watch specifically says it is waterproof, keep it out of the water! This means take it off when showering, swimming or even washing the dishes.
  1. Stay away from magnets – magnets can play havoc with the time keeping mechanisms of your watch, so are best avoided.
  1. Keep your watch out of the sun – extreme heat (and cold) can negatively affect the mechanisms of your watch, including the gears, hands and battery.
  1. Store it safely – it’s best to place your watch into it’s original case when not being worn. Leaving it on a table top or dresser can lead it to be accidently scratched or broken.
  1. Have it serviced regularly – as a general guideline, a mechanical watch should be checked every two to three years by a watchmaker. For a quartz watch, you can stretch that to every three to four years. A service will involve a professional clean and lubrication to keep the mechanisms dirt, dust and moisture free.
  1. Beware of shock damage – while a watch can absorb the small daily shocks it is exposed to safely, large ones can significantly damage its mechanism and casing. For extreme sports or leisure activities, you are best to remove it until you have finished.

Caring for your watch is not a strenuous job, but one which pay dividends for you in the future. If you’d like more information on how to care for your Luxiani watch, we’re here to help. Please contact us today and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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