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Tips on Choosing a Watch as a Father’s Day Gift

Posted by Luxiani LTD on

Tips on Choosing a Watch as a Father’s Day Gift
Tips on Choosing a Watch as a Father’s Day Gift

For the Dad who has everything, it can be a struggle to choose a Father’s Day gift. But by far, giving him a functional and stylish present is your best option. That’s where giving him a watch is a great choice! We’d like to share a few of our best tips with you, to make selecting his new watch easy.

Top 6 Tips on Choosing a Watch as a Father’s Day Present 

Watches are like jewellery in a way. Everyone has their own personal tastes, some preferring large bold designs, with others choosing simple and discreet models. To select the right watch for your father, here are six pointers to consider:

  • Understand the kind of person your father is. A fashion conscious Dad would prefer a modern watch, while a technologically minded Dad would like a watch with all the bells and whistles! However, the type of watch he prefers can vary according to where he wears it too.
  • Think about where he wears his watch. Does your father only wear a watch to work? Perhaps only for special occasions? This will help you identify the type of watch he would most prefer. A dress watch fulfils a different purpose to that of a sports watch and as such, you will need to also consider which features he feels are important in his watch.
  • Consider his hand and arm proportions. Choosing a watch which has the correct sized face is important. Too big and as well as looking awkward, it can also be uncomfortable to wear. Too small and it looks seriously out of place.
  • Know your budget. While you’d love to purchase the most expensive watch you can find for your Dad, set a budget and stick with it. But that doesn’t mean you are limited to only low quality mass produced models. At Luxiani, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality men’s watches at an affordable price, such as those in our Stone Collection.
  • Learn his watch type preferences. Often you are guided as to the best watch type for your father based upon where he primarily wears a watch. For instance, a dress watch is mostly for indoors activities, while a waterproof watch is required should he spend most of his time outdoors. However, it’s also necessary to know if he prefers a digital or analogue model. Then there’s whether you feel he’d prefer a mechanical, automatic or quartz watch. Other than observing the type of watch he currently wears, asking him may be your only option!
  • Consider the type of strap he would prefer. Does he like a leather strap or a metal strap? A leather strap is comfortable to wear but can stretch over time. A meta watch strap can capture hairs, so if Dad has a lot of body hair, this is an important consideration. However, a metal strap will often last longer than a leather strap, in terms of durability.

A watch really is the best Father’s Day gift a guy could ever hope for. If you’d like some more assistance in selecting the right one for your Dad, we can help. Please contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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