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A Beginners Guide to Collecting Watches

Posted by Luxiani LTD on

A Beginners Guide to Collecting Watches
A Beginners Guide to Collecting Watches

If you’ve ever been interested in collecting watches, or simply wonder why people do, then you’ve come to the right place! Here at Luxiani, we’re passionate about watches of all shapes and sizes. Our lovingly curated watch collections are stunning, but with the physical impossibility of wearing more than one per wrist, why do people like us collect watches? Let’s find out!

Why Do People Collect Watches?

What makes someone begin collecting watches? Do they simply love being surrounded with timepieces, or is it the history of watchmaking they are interested in? A watch collector is most likely someone who believes that watches tell a story, just like we do. They see the watch as a work of art, something to be enjoyed and a unique window to understanding who a person is, by the type of watch they have worn.

Generally, watch collectors are like other types of collectors. They may not have been present at every important moment in the past, but they feel they are a part of it with their collection.

Top Tips for Collecting Watches

As a beginner watch collector, it’s important to spend time understanding just what it is about watches makes you tick. Are you interested in watches of a specific brand, like the top five most famous watch designers? Or are you a fan of either a mechanical or quartz watch and only want to collect models with a specific movement? Your answers will help you shape the direction you want your collection to take. Here are five additional tips to help you get started.

  1. Make your own choices – it’s easy to become influenced by others when starting your watch collection. While it’s perfectly fine to take inspiration from the collections of others, resist buying watches people suggest to you or purchase a specific model simply because someone else has one.
  1. Collect what you love – it’s no use collecting watches that you would not like to wear yourself. Make sure that you place it on your wrist and check its appearance before adding it to your collection.
  1. Document your collection – it’s well worth keeping a journal to record each new addition to your collection. The purchase price, history and reasons why you selected it are all good points to write down.
  1. Enjoy yourself – there’s limited fun in knowing you want a specific watch and then finding it instantly. Rather the fun is in the thrill of the chase and the hunt. All the effort you make to procure your timepiece is what collecting is all about.
  1. Don’t rely on your collection as an investment – while it’s true that some watches will rise in value over time, it’s not something you should rely upon. Instead you are best adding watches to your collection which you value on a personal level, not monetary. Hoping you would make a profit selling pieces in the future, is not something to aim for.

To begin your personal watch collection, we invite you to see ours! Our Stone, Virtues and Weekend Collections contain some of the most attractive watches available online. We’re certain you’ll love our collections as much as we do!


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